Answering Phones and Emails

First impressions are everything. Whether you are dealing with a prospect or a new client, the first interactions these individuals have with your business is of paramount importance. This could make or break their interest in a heartbeat. What’s worse is, if they have a bad experience, they may spread the news among their friends and family or even online! You don’t want a tarnished reputation because your inbound phone call or email processes weren’t perfected.


It is a wonderful experience when all staff are following incoming communications standards. Here are other benefits:

  • Eliminates time-wasting communications among staff about managing inquiries
  • Expedites response time
  • Ensures the right expert is on hand to answer the call or request 
  • Builds trust with leads as they learn what to expect when they call in
  • It makes prospects feel valued and welcomed


  • Download and refine the phone and email scripts and processes
  • Share with the team
  • Revisit annually and adjust accordingly

Reflect and Prioritize

Think about how you currently handle incoming requests. If you don’t have your process documented, do so right away and review with the appropriate staff in your weekly or bi-weekly meeting. Test your process on friends or family members who can provide valuable feedback on how the process could be improved.

Please remember to add any new epiphanies and ideas to your Master Plan of Ideas and Initiatives.