Building Trust Online

Building trust through your online presence is akin to building a positive reputation in the digital space. It grants potential clients access to your company, teaches them what you and your team is all about, and builds trust in your services. In today’s digital age, Forbes notes that 42% of adults look someone up online before doing business with them. What they find will often make or break their decision to reach out to you.

There are two spaces that you will need to focus on to build your online reputation. The first space is your prime piece of real estate – your website. The second space is the social sphere—your social media pages including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and any other social platform that may be pertinent to your business.

When it comes to your website, you want to make sure you have three key elements that drive inbound leads:

Our Process section: This section shares the steps to learning about your services and what they can expect when they first start working with you. An example of a process is a visual diagram that includes the inquiry call, discovery meeting, and strategy meeting and the purpose of each. This visual lets potential clients know what to expect before they are asked to sign an agreement. Concurrently, you can show a visual diagram of what to expect once they engage your firm. This tells them you have a plan in place to ensure they have a positive experience.

Biography section: The bio section should include each person’s role, a nice head shot, their scheduler, and link to their LinkedIn profile. You should make each bio pic clickable to show education and work experience, and personal information. For a great “wow”, embed a video introducing yourself to visitors. Visitors will skim over the information to find the parts they are interested in or they may view the LinkedIn profile, as the predictable format allows them to read the information they find most interesting. Whichever combination of information you choose to include, make sure to keep a same format for all team members.

Scheduling Tool: The scheduling tool is imperative as it provides 24/7 availability to book an inquiry call. This tool eliminates the time-wasting email volley and ultimately makes it easier for your potential clients to get in touch with you. And the benefit of the scheduler links is they can be posted on social media profiles, in newsletters, in email signatures, and all over the website.


Because so many consumers do their research online before doing business with someone, it’s imperative that your presence is consistent, positive, open, and trustworthy across the board in order to:

  • Attract qualified clients
  • Weed out unqualified clients
  • Build brand awareness
  • Save time with scheduling
  • Create an online journey for visitors researching your company


Download the quick how-to steps to creating a short video and posting it online to build trust in you.

Reflect and Prioritize

Trust is a deal-breaking prerequisite to a new client relationship, especially in the business services industry.  People don’t trust the unknown and fear what they don’t understand. For this reason, you’ll want to provide plenty of information about your company and people. The goal is to tout your value, time-tested processes, services, and make the visitor feel it is a wise choice to reach out to you and the business. 

Please remember to add any new epiphanies and ideas to your Master Plan of Ideas and Initiatives.