One-Time Boost Call to Dive Deeper

If you hit a roadblock and not engaged with Jen Goldman Consulting for more personalized attention, don’t fret. Consider scheduling a Boost Call, which is also found in the file menu at the top of the main page of this portal. 

We will deep dive your specific hurdles and provide a few tips to overcome the roadblocks. If you want to hear what others thought of our consulting before talking with us, you can read comments below or view our Google Reviews.

Testimonials of our Boost Call

by Brad, CEO of Seaside, on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

“Jen has gotten me out of my comfort zone to make some changes that I knew had to be made but was too scared to do on my own. She challenged me and the entire team to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible. It’s been a lot of work and well worth it. If you are looking to make break through change, I whole heartedly endorse Jen Goldman.”

by Jeff, Director at Sapers & Wallack, on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

“Best money you can spend when opening a new business.Outstanding understanding of our business and what you need for your practice.Will save you time and money. A MUST for any and all of your business needs!”

by Hyacinth, Managing Director of Henderson Financial, on Jennifer Goldman Consulting 

“You never know what you’re gonna get off the internet. The internet has made it easy to find, connect and engage with millions of folks claiming to be experts in their field however, with all its simplicity and convenience, you still never really know if the person on the other side of your google search is going to be and do all that they’ve claimed. In some odd twist of fate, the heavens opened up and my google search led me to Jennifer Goldman Consulting. My call with Jen far exceeded my expectations. Jen is very knowledgeable AND personable-a rarity nowadays. One 45-minute call with her provided an abundance of clarity, confirmation and direction for my business. The call felt like an intense new exercise experience- the kind where you can’t believe you’re actually doing the thing that you’ve been wanting to do. Yes, you can grow your business and improve operations while keeping your sanity. You’re not crazy, it’s all very possible and Jen and the folks at Jennifer Goldman Consulting have solutions.”

by Victoria, President of Crisp Education Advising, on JENNIFER GOLDMAN CONSULTING

“I am honestly blown away after working with Jen. As an educator and not a business person, she had the magic tools I needed that I didn’t even know existed! And she set them up super fast! She is now on my speed dial for every business related question I have.”

by Michael , President of Severn, on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

“Here’s how I felt after speaking with Jen regarding the challenges facing my firm: “All this time, I’ve felt like Tom Hanks talking to Wilson the volleyball… Once I engaged Jennifer, I finally realized it was only a volleyball this whole time… Jennifer actually understood what I was saying, spoke my language and explained things with a clarity I have been seeking out for quite some time.”

by Neil, CEO of Evergreen Real Estate Fund, on JENNIFER GOLDMAN CONSULTING

“Jen did an amazing job helping me and my Fund Coordinator figure out how to put all the necessary systems in place for peak efficiency at an affordable price. In fact, my Fund Coordinator is moving out of state due to her husband’s job promotion, yet she still plans to oversee the Evergreen Real Estate Fund for me. Jen is a wealth of knowledge and helped us make this change virtually seamless. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone!”