Time Blocking and Availability

As you have learned, managing availability creates a more predictable day and protects your sanity and energy. Now it is time to embed your time blocks into an online scheduling system. Ideally, you will want to implement a scheduling software as it allows clients, prospects, and referral sources to book time with you 24/7. And the software will only provide times you are willing and able to meet. If you choose to color code your calendar with the time blocks in Lesson 1’s Energy Map chart, you can do this provided you provide these blocks to staff that help you with scheduling.

If you choose an online scheduling tool, this tool is integrated with your calendar (Outlook, G Suite, Salesforce) to see your availability, with email to quick insert a scheduling URL link,  and phone or video conferencing tech to provide the call-in URL and/or phone number. The appropriate scheduling link can be placed in newsletters, email signatures, on the website, and social media; this allows people to schedule with you at their leisure and with no delays. The user clicks on the URL link, chooses the day/time, and both the user and you are sent a confirmation that places the event on your calendars. This scheduling system also sends reminder emails, text, and a followup email after the call. 

Your colleagues and clients will love the 24/7 accessibility to your calendar as it eliminates the back and forth messaging. Your staff no longer wastes time emailing or calling to schedule a meeting nor do they need to email or call with meeting reminders. You just need to tackle the effort of designing the time blocks and setting up your scheduling tool to align with your availability.


Time blocking creates energy and space for creativity and success. It also produces these business boosting benefits:

  • Creates a predictable schedule for you and your team to communicate
  • Ensures you are dedicating enough time to each of your roles
  • Accelerates the business development process by offering your schedule to prospective clients via your website
  • Eliminates time-wasting email volleys to schedule calls and meetings
  • Improves the client experience by providing a trust-worthy 27/7 method of scheduling time to talk with you
  • Saves staff time scheduling on your behalf


Download the template below

Update the first section’s Subject Line Column with the type of activities you might do alone (aka. “Individual”)

Update the second section’s Subject Line Column with the type of activities you would do with another member of your team (aka. “Collective”)

Update the Monday-Friday with your preferred availability. Refer to your Energy Map Chart and do NOT offer time blocks that are meant for quiet work. 

Reflect and Prioritize

Managing availability is extremely beneficial for growth-minded companies. It improves the prospect and client experience by giving them the freedom to schedule meetings anytime they want. It also eliminates the tedious back-forth that occurs when scheduling. Most importantly, it allows you to protect and honor your time and energy. Both you and your team will benefit from maintaining a healthy, predictable work schedule.

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