Working with a Qualified Prospect

A prospect is a potential client who is both qualified and interested in your business. This means they are willing to pay your full fee, seem pleasant and people you’d like to know, are open to being guided, and appear to be potential raving fans. That is why the prospect portion of the potential new client process is critical. Here is where you and the prospect will learn more about one another and decide if the business relationship will be formed.

It is much easier to build out a process for converting a prospect to a client. However, successful firms seek to convert unqualified prospects into raving fans. To convert the unqualified prospect into a raving fan, you need to create a documented process that leads the unqualified prospect to want to share your process and your help redirecting them to a better-fit provider to their community. You may consider keeping them in your newsletter email list, staying connected on social media, and circling back after a year to ask for a referral. Just because they weren’t a fit doesn’t mean their connections aren’t. 

For those that are a good fit, you will want the team to follow a documented qualified prospect process. Again, a predictable, effective process allows the team to focus on meaningful interactions with the prospect in the hopes of converting them to a client. This creation of trust and conversion to client begins with the discovery meeting. This meeting should include visual sample deliverables to help the prospect understand what to expect and have a goal of scheduling a commitment meeting. You want to employ Process Use and Role Play to confirm the prospect’s experience is great, not cumbersome on them, and sets the right expectations about the client experience. 


Moving a prospect through a clear, documented process has many benefits to the business and your team. The ultimate benefit is to create a raving fan and/or long-lasting client. Here are a few more benefits:

  • Improve profitability and scalability
  • Avoid wasting time and resources on the wrong types of prospects
  • Create raving fans who will naturally market your business to their community


If you seek a Prospect process, download the Excel template below. If you use Redtail CRM, download the Redtail Workflow form and we will add the workflow template to your Redtail.

Reflect and Prioritize

Both types of prospects, qualified and unqualified, should receive a great experience that leads them both to be raving fans. And for the business to thrive, you also want your team to avoid wasting time, both with the sales process and non-impact marketing. The technique to create raving fans and eliminate time wasters is to use a predictable prospect process.

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